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+386 3 896 44 10
About company


The company APS was formed from the former mine vehicle fleet. It was initially organised as TOZD within the framework of RLV − now the Velenje Coal Mine, and later as an independent organisation within the framework of SOZD Franc Leskošek Luka. Following the disintegration of SOZD in 1990, it became an independent company in 1995 and was transformed into a joint stock company in accordance with the Ownership Transformation of Companies Act.

Basic information

Official name: APS, Road and Services Joint Stock
(APS, Avtoprevozništvo in servisi d.d.)
Tax no.: 86584685
Registration no.: 5040272000

Transaction account no.: SI56 0242 6001 0618 348 (NLB d.d.)
SI56 1010 0005 0536 316 ( KOPER d.d.)

Company activities

  • Interurban and other passenger road transport.
  • Contractual transport.  
  • High tourist category bus transport.  
  • Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles for own use and external customers.
  • Automatic car wash for trucks and buses.   

Our location ?

APS d.d.
Koroška cesta 64
3320 Velenje


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